November 2017

Lyrics: Where Is The Love?

25. november 2017 at 14:42
(music and lyrics by Michal Karpac)

Rap 1:
Listen to the dancefloor beat
Oh I'm missing body heat
Missed by every boy and girl
Babe just all over the world

I'm gonna find it in my flat
This idea is not so bad
I guess it will be in a wine glass
Oh my god, I made a mess

It wasn't there, it is true
in my bed for two too
I'm looking left, I'm looking right
I'm must find it tonight

I am going to the club
I'm gonna get in, pump it up
I'll never go, never go home
Cause I don't wanna be alone!

Where is the love? (Tell me, baby, where is the love?)
Where are you now? (I wanna find it. Love is all around)
Where is the love? (Give me your love, give me your pleasure)
Where are you now? (And I, I will give you all my heart)

Where is the love? Where are you now?
Where is the love? Where are you now?
Come on!

Rap 2:
Disco, body to body
Everybody at the party
Yeah, I love old skool
Baby, it's so cool

Hey Mr. DJ! Play this track
Cause 90's are back
I hear the magic sound
From left, right, from above

Love's everywhere tonight
So why can't I find the fight?
I'd better take the chance
And show you how to dance

Shake your body to the groove
Shake it, shake it, baby move
Baby, watch my microphone
I'm saying: Life goes on!

Lyrics: Try My Kisses

25. november 2017 at 14:39
(music and lyrics by Michal Karpac)

Action! Kick the bass

Rap 1:
Baby what you waiting for?
Love is knocking on your door
You can feel it everywhere
There, there or over there

Baby, baby I want you
But you, you make me blue
Don't make me sad and make me glad
Suddenly she said, d'oh:

Try my kisses, come close to me
Try my kisses, feel the energy
Try my kisses, feel the extasy
Try my kisses, reality

Try my kisses, don't break my heart
Try my kisses, don't break it apart
Try my kisses, feel the extasy
Try my kisses, my fantasy

Insert 1:
Yeah. Kick the bass

Rap 2:
Pump up my heartbeat
Cause your lips are so sweet
I like it - the sound like this
Give me kiss by piece

Hey! Don't go away!
Don't play the game! Come back and stay!
If you love me, I love you too
All I need is only you.

Insert 2:
Come on! Try my kisses!
And be my love, so try my kiss! Try my kisses!

Lyrics: Sex Desire

25. november 2017 at 14:36
(music and lyrics by Michal Karpac)

Sex desire. Aaah!

Rap 1:
Baby, I hear the sound
Sound of sex, rhythm of love
My heart beats by this way
I wanna "dance" three times a day

I still hear boom boom boom
Need you naked in my room
Don't let me down, take me higher
All I have is sex desire

Feel my body, feel my sex
From minimum, higher to the max
I'm addicted to your passion
It's so strong like obsession

Cause everyone knows when you turn off the light
Making love is better than the fight
So set my body on the fire
And feel my sex, sex desire

Rap 2:
Keep dancing hot just for me
You make me hard, you set me free
Baby, to have sex is so smart
Deep deep down in your "heart"

Come on, make my dreams come true
I'm alone in my bed too
Sex is something I admire
All I have is sex desire

Give me love, give me good sex
From minimum, higher to the max...

Lyrics: Official Lover

25. november 2017 at 14:33
(music and lyrics by Michal Karpac)

Official lover, let me be your cover.
A need for speed, double power, a need for speed my love
Come on, Come on! Double power!

Rap 1:
Don't tell your mother that you're my girl
Cause that crazy woman will break our world
She doesn't like me, so keep the secret
I don't do what she wants cause I know you like it

I'm that bad bad boy with wheels of flame
My only drug is you every night and day
Nothing's gonna stop my love to you that burns
Cause I'm your boy and you are my girl!

Oh baby, swear and tell me, there is no other
Oh baby, let me be your official lover
Oh baby, save me
If you need me, call me and I'll be your cover.

You are my love, so come on girl
I'll make you sweat, a need for speed.
Don't, don't, don't...

Rap 2:
Don't tell your daddy that I'm your boy
Cause that crazy dude will break our joy
He will break our love and stop the beat
Don't you worry, baby, I've got a need for speed

I'm a wild wild child with the wild wild style
I'm the best best man but there is no reason why
I'm still the last, I'm still the first
I'm your rebel, baby and you are my girl!

Lyrics: Move It All

25. november 2017 at 14:30
(music and lyrics by Michal Karpac)

1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3 - I wanna see
I wanna see your body moving
I wanna celebrate life!

Rap 1:
Hey girl, hey girl, take my hand
Oh baby tell me, do you understand?
I just wanna make you feel alright
Dance to the rhythm and move it all the night

Move it close, move it close, move it close to me
When I see your moving, it's like a perfect dream
And I know and I know my dreams come true
In this grooving when you groove and move

Move it all - move it all
Move it all - don't let me fall
Move it all - move it all
Move it all - don't let me fall

Listen to my heartbeat, move it all
Don't let me fall - don't let me fall in love
Listen to my heartbeat, move it all
Don't let me fall - don't let me fall in love

Rap 2:
1-2-3, and next 4
Come on baby, everybody's on the floor
I just wanna make you feel okey
Dance to the rhythm, come with me

Shake it up, shake it up, shake it up for me
I want your body, I want your body free
And I know and I know my dreams come true
In this grooving when I groove and move

Hot - To make you hot
I say: hot - To make you hot
Everybody come on!

Lyrics: Move Move Move

25. november 2017 at 14:28
(music and lyrics by Michal Karpac)

Rap 1:
Everyone is on the floor
The floor just wants more and more
Everybody move your body
Just let's start it at the party!

Come on, come on!
Dancefloor goes on and on
You can feel it, it's your chance
Take this chance and start to dance!

Move, move, move (I like to move, I like to groove)
When I see you moving I am happy
Move, move, move (I like to move, I like to groove)
When I see you moving I am happy

Do you wanna make me happy
Do you wanna make me glad
Keep on moving, baby
Yeah, you you you

Rap 2:
You can call me Mr. Master
I can spin your blaster faster
I can spin you round and round
Move your body upside down

Dance will make my days alive
It's the only way of life
Dance will make you stay here with me
It's party time!

Yeah, I wanna make you happy
I wanna make you glad
Keep on moving, baby
And I won't stop!

Lyrics: Lonely

25. november 2017 at 14:25
(music and lyrics by Michal Karpac)

Rap 1:
Totally nobody knows how I feel tonight
Totally I'm in love with you and you are not by my side
Totally so alone, baby, I am really not on the top
My blue heart cries on and on and totally can't stop

Without your love
So lonely
And so down

Rap 2:
Totally I don't wanna be Mr. Lonely
Totally I know for sure you're the one and only
Totally oh baby, I don't wanna feel alone and blue
Believe when I say nobody loves you baby, like I do


Lyrics: Sunshine

25. november 2017 at 14:15
(music and lyrics by Michal Karpac)

Party people, pump the bass now! Party in the sunshine

Rap 1:
Hey love, what's up, tell me how you're doing?
And if you want a summer party, break free and move in
You will be my new sun of the night
You're my light, my delight, I like your smile

DJ breaks my moving and you break my heart
Break my heart, break my heart, I want a brand new start
You give me the hope, you give me the extasy
Baby, keep on moving and do it just for me

Heyo, heyo, I want a summer party
Heyo, heyo, party in the sunshine
Heyo, heyo, come on now everybody
And forever you will be mine.

Rap 2:
I still don't lose rhythm though the summer's gone
Our love is strong, I don't wanna be alone
But there is a phone, baby when you are not here
I just hear, I just hear the sound of your tears

Now I'm living high and low and just between
I still see her dancing, I'm living in my dream
I saved you in my lonely heart, baby
Cause your smile and the sunshine drive me crazy

Lyrics: Energy Of My Heart

25. november 2017 at 14:07
(music and lyrics by Michal Karpac)

Not enough energy. Energy critical.

Rap 1:
Oh, my tears will never dry
When I'm with you, I am so high
I confess, I'm just strong with tears
Give me your love, do it for me

See your blue eyes of an angel
The desire gets a danger
And my heart still feels desire
Trust me, baby, I'm no liar

You're the energy
The energy of my heart
I will never break apart
Your loving trying to start

Your burning heartbeat
Oh I swear to you
That you belong to me
And that it's true

Your burning heartbeat
That's so close, so far
You're the energy
Of my heart

Rap 2:
Words give words but no love
Do you wait for heaven above
If you show me heaven or hell
Oh my heart still feels what felt

See your face of Aphrodite
Every hour, every minute
My heart even feels the fire
Baby, baby, I'm no liar

Lyrics: Dr. Dream

25. november 2017 at 14:00
(music and lyrics by Michal Karpac)

Rap 1:
Infusion of love drips
Like hot teens in my dreams
Wearing tight jeans, so obscene
Baby, baby it's extreme

You don't know what it means
You don't know my secret dreams
High fever, I need ice-cream
Tonight's the night and I scream

I'm screaming every night
Can't you hear my crying heart?
This night is so young and I can't sleep
Baby, please...

Come on every night!
Can't you hear my dying heart?
Can't you hear that lonely scream?
I'm calling Dr. Dream

Insert 1:
Dr. Dream? Calling for love!
SOS for love!
Doctor? Are you there?
I can't hear you

Rap 2:
Call him, baby, ring his gong
If you're alone, time so long
You belong to me, it's not wrong
Sing this song: digi digi dong

Along baby, come to bed
What you give is what you get
Can you feel it? Set me free
Doc, doc, it's time to dream

Insert 2:
Baby, I need a doctor
Don't you wanna be my nurse?
I can't get no sleep, I really want you
Only you, baby
Hey Doctor! Don't you wanna listen to my broken heart?