Lyrics: Dr. Dream

25. november 2017 at 14:00
(music and lyrics by Michal Karpac)

Rap 1:
Infusion of love drips
Like hot teens in my dreams
Wearing tight jeans, so obscene
Baby, baby it's extreme

You don't know what it means
You don't know my secret dreams
High fever, I need ice-cream
Tonight's the night and I scream

I'm screaming every night
Can't you hear my crying heart?
This night is so young and I can't sleep
Baby, please...

Come on every night!
Can't you hear my dying heart?
Can't you hear that lonely scream?
I'm calling Dr. Dream

Insert 1:
Dr. Dream? Calling for love!
SOS for love!
Doctor? Are you there?
I can't hear you

Rap 2:
Call him, baby, ring his gong
If you're alone, time so long
You belong to me, it's not wrong
Sing this song: digi digi dong

Along baby, come to bed
What you give is what you get
Can you feel it? Set me free
Doc, doc, it's time to dream

Insert 2:
Baby, I need a doctor
Don't you wanna be my nurse?
I can't get no sleep, I really want you
Only you, baby
Hey Doctor! Don't you wanna listen to my broken heart?