Lyrics: Energy Of My Heart

25. november 2017 at 14:07
(music and lyrics by Michal Karpac)

Not enough energy. Energy critical.

Rap 1:
Oh, my tears will never dry
When I'm with you, I am so high
I confess, I'm just strong with tears
Give me your love, do it for me

See your blue eyes of an angel
The desire gets a danger
And my heart still feels desire
Trust me, baby, I'm no liar

You're the energy
The energy of my heart
I will never break apart
Your loving trying to start

Your burning heartbeat
Oh I swear to you
That you belong to me
And that it's true

Your burning heartbeat
That's so close, so far
You're the energy
Of my heart

Rap 2:
Words give words but no love
Do you wait for heaven above
If you show me heaven or hell
Oh my heart still feels what felt

See your face of Aphrodite
Every hour, every minute
My heart even feels the fire
Baby, baby, I'm no liar