Lyrics: Sunshine

25. november 2017 at 14:15
(music and lyrics by Michal Karpac)

Party people, pump the bass now! Party in the sunshine

Rap 1:
Hey love, what's up, tell me how you're doing?
And if you want a summer party, break free and move in
You will be my new sun of the night
You're my light, my delight, I like your smile

DJ breaks my moving and you break my heart
Break my heart, break my heart, I want a brand new start
You give me the hope, you give me the extasy
Baby, keep on moving and do it just for me

Heyo, heyo, I want a summer party
Heyo, heyo, party in the sunshine
Heyo, heyo, come on now everybody
And forever you will be mine.

Rap 2:
I still don't lose rhythm though the summer's gone
Our love is strong, I don't wanna be alone
But there is a phone, baby when you are not here
I just hear, I just hear the sound of your tears

Now I'm living high and low and just between
I still see her dancing, I'm living in my dream
I saved you in my lonely heart, baby
Cause your smile and the sunshine drive me crazy